paolo montiel-coppa


The Mandrake regularly hosts emerging and established artists and performers, for interactive sessions that truly feed into the hotel’s ‘stay beyond yourself’ philosophy.


12th - 19th December 2021


Portal & Studio 5 at The Mandrake

Paolo Montiel-Coppa aka Tansen, Visual Artist and Lighting Designer will create an art installation in the hotel's portal and a temporary unicorn sculptural light in Studio 5.  By means of software and electronic hardware, he imitates the natural rhythms found in the geometry of nature and translates them into light.

During his residency, hotel residents and visitors were able to have the rare chance to meet with him to learn about his inspiration, design and developments of his creations. 




Paolo Montiel-Coppa is an internationally renowned light artist based in Mexico, who works with geometric abstractions with light and sound. Self-taught most of his life, Montiel-Coppa's art statement and reason for doing art is to utilise technology to reveal the beauty of nature as a gateway to foment a reflection about how we find balance between the two. 

Some of his previous worldwide collaborations include Mayan Warrior in Burning Man, designing the lighting for the Mexican pavilion for the World Expo in Milan 2015 and lighting the pyramids of Chiche-Itzá permanently while working as senior lighting designer in Cocolab in Mexico for a period of 10 years. He also works as an art handler specialized in tailor made hi-end lighting and technology for artists such as Ouchhh, Kurt Hentschlager and James Turrell.

Paolo Montiel-Coppa's Website