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Maria Theresia Lodetoft


As the Head of Wellness at Mandrake, Maria is overseeing our Spiritual Concierge service and wellness events. She is a talented medium, healer and light worker.

Maria hosts both one to one, and group events and heals with reiki energy, crystal singing bowls and her powerful Galactic Gong. She offers guidance, deep restorative healing and aim to re-balance and connect your emotional, spiritual and physical body.


· Yoga Teacher

· Intuitive Reader

· Sound Healer

· Reiki & Crystal Healer

LAUREN 2.jpg

Lauren Raby


Lauren is an accredited Sound Healing Practitioner offering one to one and group sound healing sessions that help people rest, restore, and reset. Lauren works with gong and quartz crystal singing bowls. Her events sooths the body, mind and soul.


· Sound healer


Assunta French


A holistic therapist focussing on healing the body with Reiki energy through the Mikao Usui lineage. Treating and looking at the body as a whole - mind, body, and spirit to provide comfort and support.


· Reiki & crystal Healer

· Massage therapists

· Intuitive Reader

GEMMA 2.jpg

Gemma Louise Markou


An empathic Holistic Therapist of whom holds extensive knowledge of the mind, body and soul. With a background in psychology and spirituality combined, Gemma focuses on healing the entirety of a person. Her session sooths and restores all levels of your being.


· Massage therapist

· Reflexologist

· Energy and crystal Healer


Barbara May


Modern mystic, reader and energy healer. Her gift allows her to read and align your energetic field, using crystals and divine angelic frequency. Her sessions offer guidance, clarity and serene relaxation.


· Energy & Crystal Healer

· Sound Healer

· Intuitive Reader

RACHEL 2.jpg

Rachel Onojafe


Empowering Astrologer, cosmic coach and awakener. Rachel shares laser-focused insight and information for how to align to your unique cosmic blueprint. Her events offer clarity and direction.


· Astrologer

· Human Design Coach


Gemma Felix 


Yoga and meditation teacher, sound guide, aromatherapy wisdom keeper and intuitive massage therapist. Gemma weaves ancestral wisdom into each of her offerings, creating immersive experiences filled with sound, scent and touch.


• Yoga Teacher

• Massage Therapist


Francesca Raffa


Our Shamanic practitioner and feminine embodiment coach.


She guides women to awaken their undeveloped feminine, embody both their light and their dark in united wholeness. Her events empower, awakens and guides.


· Shamanic Healer

Dan & Joseph 


Their events weave their studies of yoga, meditation and music together, to offer immersive and powerful sound experiences that activates the energetic core of your being.


· Sound Healer

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