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From hypnotic shamanic beats to soulful acoustic accompaniments and sonic sounds, our music team curates a weekly playlist that takes us from Monday, starting slow and steady and then gradually building tempo towards the weekend.


artist in residence

The Mandrake pulsates with creativity, passion, and expression. More than a luxury hotel with constantly evolving curated art on display, The Mandrake regularly hosts emerging and established artists and performers, for interactive sessions that truly feed into the ‘Stay Beyond Yourself ’ philosophy.

An arts hotel

The artwork at The Mandrake embodies the spirit and soul of the spaces that you encounter. They communicate with you as you enter a room with excitement, provocation and contemplation. Often playing with the narratives of darkness and light, there is a common theme amongst the collection ...


Works are provocative, sensual, exotic, beautiful, fun and sometimes even dark, but always creative. Each and every piece has been sourced for the specific area it occupies. Salvador Dali, Jonas Burgert, Francesco Goya and Thomas Hooper are amongst the many artists you will encounter.

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