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Awaken Your Senses: Indulge in the Exotic Flavours of YOPO's Tribal Brunch

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Introducing a new, unique, one-of-a-kind brunch concept that promises an unforgettable experience — a sensory journey that touches all senses. At The Mandrake, we are thrilled to present our latest culinary adventure: Tribal Brunch. Immerse yourself in a world where exotic flavours, tribal beats and mystical ambience converge to create an experience like no other.

Unveiling the Tribal Brunch Experience

Our Tribal Brunch transcends the ordinary brunch experience, it's a sensory journey meticulously crafted to transport you to a realm where flavours delight your palate, rhythms pulse through your veins, and vibrant colours dance before your eyes.

The Essence of Togetherness and Wilderness

Choose your path with our specially curated packages:


Dive into our culinary offerings with the Food Package at £39 per person. Select a Signature dish, a Side/Small Plate, and a Sweet from our exclusive menu.


Elevate your experience with our Food & Free-Flowing Drink Packages starting at £75 per person. Indulge in free-flowing Minuty Rosé or Terazzas Chardonnay, or upgrade to cocktails or Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne for a truly lavish experience.

A Gastronomic Adventure Awaits

Explore our menu featuring signature dishes crafted to stun and delight. Delve into creation such as:

Our Sweet Potato & Avocado Tacos, a delightful mix of vibrant flavours of thyme & garlic roasted sweet potato, avocado, grilled green beans, guacatillo dressing, grilled spring onion, coriander & jalapeño, sikil pak & lime. Or maybe our Huevos Rancheros. A dish composed of sunny-side-up eggs nestled atop refried white beans, coriander, padròn peppers, tomato chipotle salsa & two-piece taco.

Fancy something sweet? Indulge your sweet tooth with decadent desserts such as: Our Acai Bowl, Banana, Raspberries & Date dessert or treat yourself to our Brioche French Toast, Strawberries & Coconut Ice Cream.

The Tribal Brunch menu offers an option for every palate. Beyond its offerings lies an invitation to enjoy the most beautiful flavours South America has to offer.

Exclusive Cocktails for an Unforgettable Experience

Sip on our exclusive cocktails, meticulously crafted to complement the flavours of our brunch offerings perfectly. Delight in the Kamaru, a blend of Tonka Beans Infused Belvedere, Ginger Liqueur, Safari Tropical Liqueur, Banana Purée, Lime Juice and Angostura Bitters. Or experience the captivating fusion of Yerba Mate Infused Eminente Rum, Root Mastiha, Coco Lopez, Maple Syrup, Lime Juice, and Ginger Beer in our Cuia cocktail. There is a drink for all your moods.

A Place for Everyone

At our Tribal Brunch, we cater to every palate, ensuring there's an option for everyone, including vegetarian and vegan choices. We are mindful of allergies and dietary restrictions, so please inform us of any special requirements, and we'll ensure your dining experience is both safe and delightful.

A Tribal Community of Connection and Expression

Picture an ambience that blends laid-back tropical vibes with the free-spirited bohemian energy. Our space is adorned with mystical and spiritual elements, infused with vibrant art, textiles and patterns. More than just a dining experience, we're creating a tribal community where everyone can immerse themselves in enjoyment, relaxation, self-expression and connection with one another.

Join Us on Sundays from 12 pm to 4 pm

Awaken your senses with our unique Tribal Brunch experience every Sunday. Taste exotic flavours, hear the rhythm of tribal beats and let the vibrant colours of our mystical space hypnotise you. Let the soothing scent of Palo Santo guide you on a journey of self-expression and relaxation. 

Indulge in the extraordinary. Join us at The Mandrake for an unforgettable Tribal Brunch experience. Book now.


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