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The Mandrake and House of Vixens present Mandrake Salon—a lavish series of classes led by Sophie Cohen, Artistic Director of House of Vixens. These classes cater to both couples and singles, whether they are newcomers to the world of erotic adventure or experienced kinksters seeking to enhance their skills. Mandrake Salon introduces participants to new elements of erotic connection, all within the grandeur of The Mandrake.

Mandrake Salon

At Mandrake Salon, Sophie serves as a trusted instructor and educator, guiding guests in discovering how to have better, more exciting, and far more satisfying kink experiences in their private lives. As a dedicated Kink Concierge, she helps individuals and couples embrace interests, break taboos, and eliminate stigmas, facilitating fulfilling erotic breakthroughs.

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We believe in the transformative power of intimacy, recognising it as a pathway to self-discovery and profound connections with others. At Mandrake Salon, our unique approach focuses on unlocking your sensual potential while providing education on the nuances of personal connections and intimacy. Join us as we provide you with the essential tools to embark on your own intimate journey, ensuring your sensual well-being with care and expertise.

At Mandrake Salon, guests will partake in classes on consent, communication, respect, and power dynamics within the opulent setting of The Mandrake. Whether intrigued by sub/dom roles or fascinated by the world of kink, guests will leave the workshops with a profound new understanding ready for immediate application.


Meet Your


Sophie Cohen

Artistic Director of House of Vixens

Sophie, revered as a beacon of trust and expertise in the realm of erotic exploration, serves as your Kink Concierge, guiding individuals and couples towards profound erotic breakthroughs. With her unrivaled knowledge and unwavering commitment to banishing stigmas and kink-shaming, Sophie cultivates a safe and empowering environment within the lavish Mandrake Salon. Within the luxurious Mandrake Salon she will guide guests as they discover how to have better, more exciting, and far more satisfying kink experiences in their private lives.

J & H (Bespoke Couples Salon), London

“My wife and I went into this experience hoping for a touch of excitement; Sophie has changed our lives forever! From our first FaceTime, through to an unbelievable salon together, Sophie exceeded all expectations. She knew exactly how to turn all our ideas into flawless fantasies. We can’t wait to book again!"
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