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IN-HOUSE practitioners


The Mandrake is honoured to host a team of exceptional in-house practitioners who bring their diverse expertise and healing modalities to our guests. With their wealth of experience and deep commitment to wellness, our practitioners provide personalised and transformative sessions. From Energy Healing and Sound Therapy to Shamanic Rituals, they create a nurturing space for healing and self-discovery. 

Join us at The Mandrake to explore our Spiritual Wellbeing programme and Concierge Service, dedicated to supporting your holistic wellbeing journey.

If you have any questions or are looking to elevate your event or private gathering with enchanting Soundscapes and Ceremonies, please contact Maria Lodetoft, our Head of Spiritual Wellbeing. She will provide the necessary guidance and information for a truly transformative experience.

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Maria Lodetoft

Head of Spiritual Wellbeing

Intuitive Reader, Sound & Energy Healer

Maria, a certified Energy and Sound Healer, harnesses galactic energies with her natural affinity. Her ceremonies blend sound frequency, cosmic energy, and ancient rituals, creating a harmonious orchestration. With mesmerising acoustic artistry and the ability to channel healing Light Language, Maria offers Sound Baths, Energy Healings, and Shamanic Ceremonies.

As Head of Spiritual Wellbeing at The Mandrake, Maria curates our Spiritual Wellbeing programme and unique Spiritual Concierge menu.

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Sound Healer


Lilita is a multidisciplinary artist and sound healer who uses her voice for healing. Her sound baths combine transcendental and shamanic instruments, accompanied by her vocals, to restore and align one's sense of self.

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Tarot Reader

Aurelie is a Tarot reader and Life Coach, specialising in Tarot and symbolism. Her sacred purpose is to provide guidance and uncover hidden aspects of individuals' stories using traditional Tarot with a modern approach.

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Kate Fleur

Sound Healer

Kate Fleur Young is a London-based artist and musician known for captivating performances that integrate ritual and inspire connection to nature. She hosts a monthly New Moon Ceremony at The Mandrake.



Energy Healer

Rianna is a healing conduit, channeling Universal energy to amplify love frequency. As an intuitive healer, she utilises natural remedies to help shift heaviness, anxiety, and restore chakra balance.



Yoga Teacher

Sara integrates science and spirituality in her yoga teaching, emphasising mindful movement and using postures to release emotional tension. She offers hands-on assistance, guidance, and support to students, fostering growth on their yoga journey.



Sound Healer

Joseph composes immersive soundscapes with gongs, crystal bowls, and monochord harps. His vibrant and experimental compositions guide listeners through inner landscapes, fostering self-enquiry, clarity, and peace.



Sound & Energy Healer

Assunta French is an energy and sound healer, with a background in the spa industry as a certified massage therapist. After experiencing her own spiritual awakening, she felt a deep calling to assist others in embracing a holistic approach to wellness.

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Sound & Energy Healer

Naomi is a dedicated Energy and Sound Healer, working with angels to facilitate healing through Reiki and Sound. Using Crystal Singing Bowls and Angelic Reiki, she harmonizes and restores balance to the mind, body, and spirit.



Sound Artist

Dan is a London-based Sound Artist, Meditation Teacher, and DJ known for his therapeutic soundscapes. Co-founder of Urmisound, he offers unique sound immersions for healing and restoration.

Olivia Lumley x The Mandrake_edited.jpg

Olivia Lumley

Spiritual Healer

Olivia is a massage therapist and spiritual healer known for attuned massage and energy work. With passion, she helps clients connect with the Divine, bringing healing, freedom, and light to their lives, guiding them to embrace true power.

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