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Stay beyond yourself.


A place of discovery and an antidote to urban living, our weekly Spiritual Wellbeing programme covers a wide spectrum of wellness. From intimate sound healing sessions, bespoke shamanic ceremonies and rituals to energy cleansing work and goddess circles – there is something for everyone, depending on your personal needs.


Our guides are hand-selected, they are the best in their fields.

Sound healing is an ancient practice, one which is used to guide people into a state of deep relaxation and peace. Various musical instruments, including gongs, crystal bowls, conches and Tibetan bowls are played to put the mind into alpha and then theta brainwave rhythm, this enables the mind to expand consciousness and go into a dream like state. This deeply meditative place enables healing on not only an emotional level, but also cellular, with the sound vibrations and the frequencies bathing every cell of the body to give a ‘sonic massage’. Participants end the session relaxed, rejuvenated and sometimes having a deeply transformative experience.

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