Internationally acclaimed photographer and video artist, Iris Brosch, brought her feminist adaptations by ways of photo-performance.  Brosch  transformed the hotel’s terrace, Jurema, into The Garden of Eden by employing the art of gesture, like a painter uses a brush on a canvas. Ten models, both professional and non-professional,  showcased themselves with nothing but the nature and greenery surrounding them – taking humanity back to its original roots.  Brosch, an internationally celebrated feminist, encourages female empowerment and self-acceptance by using nudity as a gesture and attention for ending oppression against women. “​Nakedness contributes to the idea of liberation, freedom and natural self-understanding of our bodies​” – Iris Brosch

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Brosch captured a series of still photography pieces across different suites in the hotel, capturing her essence of revitalisations and femininity.
Brosch invited residents of The Mandrake and Londoners alike to take part in the photo-performance; whereby actors, models, and mere mortals projected a colourful, opulent and masterful tapestry of the human body and empowerment.  


Brosch’s work has been exhibited all around the world from ​Cannes​ film festival, World Expo in Milan, Goethe Institute in Washington to Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Her fashion photograph have graced top magazine from Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar – photographing A-listers such as Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum to Benedict Cumberbatch. By discarding prudery, Brosch aims to remove the notion that the female body is rendered “hysterical’, an on-going symptom and tension women still undergo in today’s society.


Iris Brosch