On 4th July 2018, The Mandrake welcomed world-renowned British tattoo artist Thomas Hooper, who lead the next phase of our Artist-in-Residence programme. Hooper, who is already a celebrated artist at the hotel, having created the four-storey mural artwork in our lift shaft, brought his ink to The Mandrake, creating intricate artworks on guests and the hotel walls. 

Hooper is renowned globally, with a waiting list of over 18-months for his body art. In July, for one week only, in-house guests of The Mandrake, could book to have a signature Hooper piece tattooed on their bodies. Having once made his mark in New York, now in Texas, Hooper came back in his motherland - and his favourite hotel - The Mandrake. 


Thomas Hooper studied Drawing at the London Institute of Art and Design and his artwork has been displayed at numerous galleries, including a joint exhibit with his tattoo mentor Jim MacAirt at Fleet Gallery in his hometown of Hastings in East Sussex, UK.

Thomas Hooper